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Final 2019 MiLB and MLB PED Suspension Rundown

The new year is over a month old, but I’ve been writing about #AstrosCheat, so I am overdue to update my PED suspension rundown with final numbers for 2019. See below for final numbers updated through year-end.

MiLB Suspensions

1/25: Junior Harding, CIN P (Methylphenidate, 50 G)
1/25: Alex Schick, MIN P (Amphetamine, 50 G)
3/1: Luis De Avila, COL P (Boldenone, 72 G)
4/26: Norwith Gudino, SF P (Stanozolol, 80 G)
5/1: Logan Webb, SF P (Dehydrochlormethyltestosterone, 80 G)
Webb was suspended under the MLB program as a member of the SF 40-man roster.
6/28: Matt Solter, CLE P (Clomiphene, 80 G)
6/28: Christian Aragon, FA P (Methasterone, 80 G)
7/19: Jesus Medina, MIN P (Stanozolol, 72 G)
7/19: Teofilo Mendez, ARI SS (Stanozolol, 72 G)
7/19: Wandy Moya, FA P (Stanozolol, 72 G)
7/26: Ricardo Frias, FA P (Stanozolol, 72 G)
8/7: Steven Fuentes, WAS P (Heptaminol, 50 G)
8/7: Pavin Parks, DET SS (Trenbolone, 52 G)
8/7: Reynaldo Rivera, DET 1B (Trenbolone, 80 G)
8/16: Luis Diaz, ATL P (Stanozolol, 72 G)
8/16: Marcos Encarnacion, CHC P (Stanozolol, 72 G)
8/16: Eliezer Mejia, SEA P (Stanozolol, 72 G)
8/23: Francisco Benitez, CWS P (Stanozolol, 72 G)
8/23: Jarvis Martinez, KC OF (Boldenone, 72 G)
9/20: Elias Batista: SD P (Stanozolol, 72 G)
9/20: Jan Carlos Osorio, NYM C (Stanozolol, 72 G)
9/20: Jose Camacaro, ATL C (Boldenone, 72 G)
9/20: Luis Quinones, TOR P (Nandrolone, 80 G)
11/8: Jackxarel Lebron, TOR P (Boldenone, 52 G)
11/8: Amaury Pereyra, NYM P (Stanozolol, 72 G)
11/8: Israel Lantigua, CIN P (Stanozolol, 72 G)
12/20: Daniel De Leon, FA P (Stanozolol, 72 G)
12/20: Andy Maldonado, PIT P (Stanozolol, 72 G)
12/20: Elih Marrero, BOS C (Amphetamine, 50 G)
12/20: Cole Watts, FA P (Amphetamine, 50 G)

MLB Suspensions

1/16: Eric Skoglund, KC SP (Ostarine and Ligandrol, 80 G)
3/6: Steven Wright, BOS RP (HGH, 80 G, fined US$591,387.88)
3/12: Francis Martes, HOU RP (Clomiphene, 80 G)
5/1: Logan Webb (see MiLB suspensions)
6/21: Frankie Montas, OAK P (Ostarine, 80 G fined US$240,880.00)
8/6: Tim Beckham, SEA INF (Stanozolol, 80 G, fined US$752,720)
9/7: Michael Pineda, MIN SP (Hydrochlorothiazide, 60 G, fined US$2,580,660)


ARI: 1
ATL: 2
BOS: 2
CHC: 1
CIN: 2
CLE: 1
COL: 1
CWS: 1
DET: 2
FA: 5
HOU: 1
KC: 2
MIN: 3
NYM: 2
OAK: 1
PIT: 1
SD: 1
SEA: 2
SF: 2
TOR: 2
WAS: 1

21 out of MLB’s 30 franchises are represented on the suspensions list. Free agents led the way in suspensions during 2019, followed by Minnesota, which had three suspensions (two in MiLB, one in MLB). Nine clubs tied with two suspensions (ATL, BOS, CIN, DET, KC, NYM, SEA, SF, TOR).

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