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About This Blog

Welcome to my sports blog! I was inspired to start this site by reading about the story of a young woman who, as a teenager, began working as a sportswriter for various websites under a male pseudonym, eventually developing an elaborate backstory for her male alter ego and entangling herself in a bizarre web of catfishing on Twitter. I thought, “if she can do it (sportswriting, not Twitter catfishing), why can’t I?”

I am an Illinoisan and former resident of Chicago who has escaped to Canada, and I have recently completed my 20th season of Cubs fandom. Therefore, most of the posts will relate to Chicago teams and my favorite team, the Cubs, but I will also discuss the Blue Jays and other Toronto teams when noteworthy.

I generally post new content on Mondays and Thursdays during the MLB season with nightly recaps during the MLB playoffs, and I plan to post weekly on Mondays during the MLB offseason.

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