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3 Best Winter Baseball Team Logos

While the North American major leagues are wrapping up their season in October, winter professional baseball is getting underway further south. These leagues have served as an additional training ground for aspiring MLB players and, on occasion, league veterans.

The best-known winter leagues operate in the Caribbean region and send their champions to compete in the Caribbean Series (Serie del Caribe, in Spanish) in February. The 2020 tournament will be held in San Juan, Puerto Rico and will feature six teams from Panama, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Mexico, Cuba and Puerto Rico.

Across the Pacific Ocean, the Australian Baseball League (ABL) season runs from November to February. Although it is actually summer in the Southern Hemisphere when the ABL plays, it is considered one of the winter leagues from the perspective of MLB. MLB and Nippon Professional Baseball (Japan) prospects take part in ABL play.

In order to honor the unsung baseballers of winter, I am going to discuss a few of my favorite logos from winter league teams.

4. Naranjeros de Hermosillo (Hermosillo, Mexico – Mexican Pacific League)


Several of the Mexican Pacific League team names honor agricultural workers, including Naranjeros, which means “orange growers” in Spanish. This logo is very bright and cheerful. I like how the orange is concentrating while it awaits delivery of the baseball.

Image: @ClubNaranjeros Twitter

2. Astronautas de Chiriquí (San José de David, Chiriquí Province, Panama – Panamanian Professional Baseball League, or Probéis)


I enjoy the silliness of an astronaut holding a baseball bat. If you look closely, you’ll also see the spacefarer is wearing baseball pants and cleats.

Image: @AstronautasCH Twitter

1. Sydney Blue Sox (Blacktown, Australia – ABL)


This logo really is a masterpiece. The colors work very well together. I also love how the ribs of the sock make a flat-top hairdo.

Image: @SydneyBlueSox Twitter

If you’re curious about winter league baseball, be sure to check out the links to the various leagues or the team Twitter accounts above to get started!

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