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Gods Bless Google, I Basically Just Watched the Super Bowl Without All the BS

As detailed in a prior post, I was not at all enthused about this year’s Super Bowl matchup. I ended up skipping the game to watch Netflix. However, I did check the score on my phone and was pleasantly surprised to learn Eagles pulled off a 41-33 upset of the Patriots for the club’s first-ever title. Even better, there is a game recap available on YouTube that has all of the trick plays and Tom Brady Butterfingers moments for you to enjoy without all the BS that goes with the Super Bowl TV broadcast (countless timeouts and commercial breaks to sell you Budweisers, Doritos and Dodge trucks). Gods bless the Internet and the almighty Google!

Since the NFL seems to be blocking embedded video of this game recap, please click through to YouTube to check it out.

Featured Image Credit: Jeff Bukowski /