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Grading My 2018 Predictions

Now that a champion has been crowned and the postseason individual awards have been handed out, it’s time to see how well I did at predicting the outcomes of the 2018 season. I had two sets of predictions, one from Opening Day, and one regarding the BBWAA awards after the finalists were announced.

First up are my Opening Day predictions.

2018 Opening Day Predictions

AL East Champion: NYY

Actual Winner: BOS

AL Central Champion: CLE

Actual Winner: CLE

AL West Champion: HOU

Actual Winner: HOU

AL Wild Cards: BOS; LAA

Actual Winners: NYY; OAK

AL Pennant: NYY

Actual Winner: BOS

NL East Champion: WSH

Actual Winner: ATL

NL Central Champion: CHC

Actual Winner: MIL (fuck the Brewers)

NL West Champion: LAD

Actual Winner: LAD

NL Wild Cards: ARI; PHI

Actual Winners: CHC; COL

NL Pennant: CHC

Actual Winner: LAD

World Series Champion: CHC

Actual Winner: BOS

AL MVP: Mike Trout (OF – LAA)

Actual Winner: Mookie Betts, BOS OF

AL Cy Young: Chris Sale (SP – BOS)

Actual Winner: Blake Snell, TB SP

AL Rookie of the Year: Willy Adames (SS – TB)

Actual Winner: Shohei Ohtani, LAA SP/DH

NL MVP: Willson Contreras (C – CHC)

Actual Winner: Christian Yelich, MIL OF (fuck the Brewers)

NL Cy Young: Kenley Jansen (RP – LAD)

Actual Winner: Jacob deGrom, NYM SP

NL Rookie of the Year: Ronald Acuña (OF – ATL)

Actual Winner: Ronald Acuña, ATL OF

Score: 4/17 (24%)

2018 Postseason Predictions


Who Should Win: Mike Trout

Who Will Win: Mookie Betts

Actual Winner: Mookie Betts


Who Should Win: Javier Báez

Who Will Win: Christian Yelich

Actual Winner: Christian Yelich

AL Cy Young Award

Who Should Win: Blake Snell

Who Will Win: Justin Verlander

Actual Winner: Blake Snell

NL Cy Young Award

Who Should Win: Jacob deGrom

Who Will Win: Jacob deGrom

Actual Winner: Jacob deGrom

AL Rookie of the Year

Who Should Win: Shohei Ohtani

Who Will Win: Shohei Ohtani

Actual Winner: Shohei Ohtani

NL Rookie of the Year

Who Should Win: Ronald Acuña Jr.

Who Will Win: Ronald Acuña Jr.

Actual Winner: Ronald Acuña Jr.

AL Manager of the Year

Who Should Win: Alex Cora

Who Will Win: Alex Cora

Actual Winner: Bob Melvin

NL Manager of the Year

Who Should Win: Craig Counsell

Who Will Win: Craig Counsell

Actual Winner: Brian Snitker (haha Brewers lose)

Score: 5/8 (63%)

I am much better at this when the results are in! I look forward to making more equally terrible predictions for the 2019 season and hope you will continue following this blog to read them.



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