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On This Day in 1998: Sosa Hits 64th and 65th Bombs

On September 23, 1998, Chicago Cubs OF Sammy Sosa, after surpassing Roger Maris’s single-season record of 61 bombs, clubbed his 64th and 65th home runs of the year during their 8-7 loss to the Milwaukee Brewers (fuck the Brewers). These dingers would tie him with Mark McGwire of the rival St. Louis Cardinals for the lead in the MLB home run title chase.

The two sluggers would stay even with their 66th home runs, but McGwire closed out the year with four more bombs to take home the ultimate home run title and set a new single-season record of 70. This record would later be broken by OF Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants with 73 homers in 2001. Bonds also owns the MLB career home run record of 762.

Featured Image: Thomas Barrat /