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This Year’s Super Bowl Matchup: Ugh

I will admit to not paying much attention to the NFL this year. This isn’t for the reasons suggested by His Orangeness, “Dolt 45” and Vermin Supreme Emperor of America, the Unbald, Donald Trump (ugh again). It’s mostly because I don’t have much reason to follow the NFL regular season if I’m not betting with officemates, such as in a pick ’em or fantasy football league. Also, Aaron Rodgers was injured so that gave me another reason not to tune in. I’m pretty sure the only regular season games I watched last year were Packers games.

This year’s AFC championship did give me some reason to tune in due to its billing as a “David vs. Goliath” matchup. I did my duty by the football gods and tuned in to root against the Patriots. Unfortunately, Jacksonville failed to show up in the second half and the bad guys won yet again. I didn’t stick around to watch the NFC championship, which turned out to be a good decision as the Eagles routed the Vikings 38-7.

With the results in from Sunday’s games, we have a Super Bowl matchup of Patriots vs. Eagles, rewarding two of the NFL’s worst fan bases. This game will be of little interest to fans not located on the US east coast. The rest of the viewers will just be there for the commercials, as usual.

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