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Welcome to Farnorthsider!

Welcome to Farnorthsider, my blog about teh sportsballz. Oddly enough, I was inspired to start this site by reading about the story of a young woman who, as a teenager, began working as a sportswriter for various websites under a male pseudonym, eventually developing an elaborate backstory for her male alter ego and entangling herself in a bizarre web of catfishing on Twitter. I thought, ??if she can do it (sportswriting, not Twitter catfishing), why can??t I?? What is the Internet for if not for spewing one’s opinions regardless of whether anybody cares to read it?

As an Illinoisan and former resident of Chicago who has escaped to Canada, most of my posts will relate to Chicago teams and my favorite team, the Cubs, but I will also discuss Toronto teams. IDGAF about hockey so you won??t see any hockey posts here unless I??m making fun of Leafs fans. 🙂

Thanks for visiting!