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You Can’t Take Me Out to the Ballgame

On Thursday afternoon, Major League Baseball announced that Opening Day would be delayed by at least two weeks due to the public health threat posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. This estimate is appearing less realistic as the situation continues to develop.

Since last week’s announcement, players have been sent home from their spring training camps, so players will now need another warm-up period before launching the regular season. In addition, guidelines limiting public gatherings issued by state and local governments in the USA make it likely that the season will begin on or about May 1 at the earliest. These developments have baseball fans singing the blues. All we can do is heed the advice of our local health authorities and attempt to mitigate the spread of the disease to keep our communities safe and allow our beloved sports to return to competition soon. Stay at home and wash your hands, baseball fans!

In the meantime, let’s revisit the better days of just last year, when Cookie Monster visited Wrigley Field to sing the 7th inning stretch to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Sesame Street.