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Yu Darvish’s Comments on #AstrosCheat Scandal Speak for Fans Everywhere

Current Chicago Cubs starter and 2017 World Series goat Yu Darvish opened up to reporters at Spring Training on Sunday with his thoughts about the Houston Astros cheating scandal. The sign-stealing practices which I believe they engaged in during the World Series almost certainly reduced Darvish’s free agent paycheck during his 2017-18 offseason negotiations.

Darvish also discussed Carlos Correa‘s recent comments in response to Darvish’s former Dodgers teammate Cody Bellinger: “â??So they cheated. I think right now they donâ??t have to talk. They shouldnâ??t talk like that right now.â?

While many baseball insiders who are not currently playing are very out of touch with fan sentiment, Darvish speaks for all of us who are not Astros partisans – the 2017 title is suspect and Houston players sounding off are just digging themselves deeper.

The scandal is getting worse day by day with further comments from Astros players that only highlight their arrogance and lack of sincere contrition. If MLB does not take action to satisfy angry fans, longtime viewers who are the backbone of the league’s support will desert baseball for other pastimes. This will be a death knell for a league with an aging fanbase. It’s past time for MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred to remove his head from the sand.

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