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This “Name the Playmaker” MLB Quiz is Quite Challenging

Out of the various MLB At Bat notifications I received on Wednesday, I clicked through one from Cut4 with a “Name the Playmaker” quiz asking you to fill in the blanks with the name of the person involved in some “iconic baseball plays” from the past. I unfortunately scored 6 out of 10, giving me a result of “Baseball almost-wizard.” I’m ashamed to report I missed Questions 4, regarding the game on October 11, 1999 (got my decades mixed up) and 5, regarding the September 8, 1988 Cubs vs. Cards contest (I watched that game on TV!). However, I did guess correctly on Question 2 (October 15, 1988), even though it was well before my time.

Try it for yourself – you’ll need to pay close attention to the batting orders and years to succeed!


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